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Tax Rate Ordinance Information 2015-2018

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Union’s General Government revenue consists solely of Ad Valorem (Property) and Tangible Property Taxes. These tax revenues fund the services required by our citizens such as street maintenance, street lighting, and refuse collection. The City’s current tax rates for fiscal 2015-2016 are: Property Tax Rate–2.16 per $1000 and Tangible Tax Rate–1.88 per $1000.

Available for residents aged 65 and over, the Homestead Exemption reduces your property taxes.  To learn more about this exemption or to apply, visit the Boone County PVA website. Applications must be submitted during the year in which exemption is sought to the Boone County Property Valuation Administrator.

Regarding City Ordinance No. 2009-004 fixing the date of payment and collection of taxes. Amounts will be due and payable as follows:

  • If Paid by October 31 – get 2% discount.
  • If Paid in November or December – Base Amount due.
  • If Paid after December 31 – 10% penalty and 1% interest.
  • Delinquent on January 1

For property owners financing the Sanitary Sewer Tap-In-Fee:

  • Tax bill will show an additional charge of: $199.68
  • Tax bill will reflect this charge each year for 20 years or until paid in full


Mail payment to: City of Union, 1843 Mount Zion Rd., Union, KY  41091