City of Union, KY | Street Repairs Begin
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Street Repairs Begin

As of July 17:  Work continues on curb and gutter replacement throughout the city, including on Aspen Place, Burleigh Lane; Cedarwood Drive; Mountain Laurel; Richmond; Hempsteade Drive and Westbrook Boulevard.  Asphalt repairs also continue on surface and pot hole repairs.  Major work as begun on Cherbourg Drive; Russwill and Golden Pond.  Residents in those areas should work with contractor notices regarding parking and other traffic signs placed in the area.

If you have a question regarding this repair effort, please contact the city at 859-384-1511.

As of July 5:  The City of Union will begin the annual Street Repairs Program the first week of July, 2017.

The Street Repairs program addresses issues in the hard scapes (streets, curbs, gutters and ADA crosswalk areas) throughout the city.  The City has five phases to the 2017 plan, addressing a wide variety of issues throughout the town.

Phase A of the 2017 Union Street Repairs program will begin the first week of July-weather permitting. Phase A includes installing replacement concrete curb & gutter, ADA wheel chair ramps, replacing sidewalks, adjusting water valves & seeding & mulching in various areas throughout the city.

As the program continues throughout the summer, this site will keep you updated as to where repairs are underway and advise residents when alternate routes may be needed.  Contractors for the city will also directly contact those affected residents to ensure awareness of the program, and allow time for residents to make adjustments in their daily routines where required.

If you have a question regarding this repair effort, please contact the city at 859-384-1511.

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