City of Union, KY | KY 536/Mount Zion Road Update
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KY 536/Mount Zion Road Update

The City of Union has received the following information from the Construction Manager/Communications Department of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet regarding the road widening and construction project on KY 536/Mt. Zion Road:

As updates are received from KYTC, we will post those updates here.

As of April 5, 2017

• KY 536 – Mt Zion Road is in full progress.

• There are 16 – 35 MPH signs posted along the 3 mile project work zone as well as 2 Dynamic Message Signs on each end of the project (one on the US 42 end in Union and one near the I-75 interchange).

• The inspector on the job is very concerned for the crews’ safety. He has seen people driving well above the speed limit and some folks who have ignored the flaggers on the job. One flagger was nearly hit by a car. KYTC is asking everyone for their help and cooperation in making the work zones safe!

As of March 2, 2017

• Work is progressing well on the KY 536 Grade and Drain Project. That being said – the unseasonable rain over the past few weeks has slowed us down from time to time.

• The Contractor continues to work primarily on utility relocations – particularly sewer and waterline relocations. We are also continuing work on the culvert at Old Union Road and hope to have that work wrapped up within a few weeks. The culvert work has been heavily impacted by the rains making work difficult.

• We are continuing to monitor erosion control and will do so throughout the entire project.

As of February 8, 2017

• Clearing and grubbing activities have been completed and contractor is removing piles of mulch and logs left from clearing operations

•Work on installing sanitary sewer pipe has begun and will continue as weather permits

•Work on a new box culvert at the intersection of Old Union Road and Hathaway Road is in progress and should be complete in a couple of weeks, weather permitting

As of January 3, 2017:

• Clearing and grubbing activities will continue for approximately another 4 weeks.

• Grading on new alignment in the Union town area adjacent to 42 to follow.

• Duke Energy is splitting their work into two sections. The area from Gunpowder Road to I-75 will be their priority section with the remainder of the project to immediately follow. Utility re-locations by the various utility companies is to be complete by Aug. 1, 2017. Cincinnati Bell and cable television installations will follow on the new Duke Energy poles.

• Harper Construction is having bi-weekly meetings with the utility companies until the companies have completed their work.

• Once utilities are clear, with the east end being first, then the contractor will start the part-width construction. Grading work will start along the north side of KY 536.


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