City of Union, KY | City Seeking Volunteer for Boone County Planning Commission
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City Seeking Volunteer for Boone County Planning Commission

Looking for a Volunteer Opportunity?

The City of Union is seeking qualified applicants to fill an immediate vacancy on the Boone County Planning Commission (BCPC). The BCPC is the main planning agency for all of Boone County, including Union. They are charged with joint city/county-wide planning, promoting the public health, safety and general welfare of all Boone County residents.

As a representative to this board, the appointee will be required to attend monthly business meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at the Boone County Administration building in Burlington, KY. Additional committee meetings and special meetings may apply. In addition, a new appointee to the BCPC will be required to take four (4) hours of initial training and a eight (8) hours of additional education in each of the first two years of the appointed term. All BCPC appointments are for four (4) year terms.

Qualified candidates should be well rounded and generally familiar with relevant local government agencies, actors and basic principles of planning and zoning. Experience in economic development or a related field is a plus.

To apply, please send a brief cover letter (addressed to Mayor Larry K. Solomon) detailing your interest in being appointed to the position, in addition to a general resume of your work history. Position is will be open until filled. Please call David Plummer, Union CAO at 859-384-1511 for any questions or concerns.

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