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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really live in the City of Union?

A common question is – My address is Union, therefore I live in the city, right?  Well, maybe.  The United States Postal Service sets mailing addresses, and they have a larger geographical designation for “Union” than the city limits.  The physical city limits of the City are smaller than the postal designation for Union.  If you live in Hampshire, Harmony, Hempsteade,  Lassing Green, Lancashire, Whispering Trails, Fowlers Creek or Union Village you reside in the city limits.  If you live in Triple Crown, Cool Springs, or along Frogtown Road along with other land areas, you probably live in postal Union but not in the incorporated city limits.  For reference, the current city map is available at 2017 Union Street Map

How do I contact the Police Department?


The City of Union, through an Interlocal Agreement, contracts with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department for enforcement of City Ordinances. The Sheriff’s Department also handles all ordinary police matters.  For ordinary matters, please call the City office at 859-384-1511, or call the Sheriff’s Department directly at 859-334-2175.

How do I call the Fire Department?


The City of Union is served by the Union Fire Protection District. They may be contacted at 859-384-3342.

How do I call an ambulance?


The City of Union is served by the Union Fire Protection District. They may be contacted at 859-384-3342.

Who handles disaster situations?


Boone County Emergency Management provides many services for Boone County, including the cities of Florence, Union and Walton. They may be contacted at 859-334-2279.

Planning and execution of disaster and emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  Development and maintenance of the Boone County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).  Planning and response coordination for any natural or man-made emergency or disaster.  Provide 24-hour response coverage for any significant emergency within the County and act on behalf of the County and/or City in coordinating multiple agencies and resources as necessary.  Maintaining the Emergency Warning Systems (including the “Communicator” and “Geo Notify” telephone alert system and the Outdoor Warning Siren System).  Maintainance of the primary and alternate Boone County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) facilities and equipment.  Providing information and assistance as necessary to the County Administration and City Administrations regarding any significant emergency situation including any emergency declarations.  Hazardous material release reporting, response, and enforcement. (including the operation of the Boone County Hazardous Incident Response Team – HIRT)  Developing and organizing training exercises annually for public safety agencies to test response procedures within the County EOP.  Retain status as a “StormReady” community as designated by the National Weather Service by maintaining various severe weather preparedness resources.  Maintaining working condition and equipment inventory for the Mobile Incident Management and Communications Unit (299), Mass Casualty Incident Unit (298) and Hazardous Materials Response Unit (373).  Representing Boone County on a number of committees and organizations including: Northern Kentucky Emergency Planning Committee; Ohio River Emergency Response and Notification Committee; Cincinnati Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI); Boone County Citizen Corps Council; Boone County Fire Chief’s Association; Northern Kentucky Hazmat/WMD Response Unit, Inc. and many others.  Providing emergency preparedness information to the public including presentations to organized groups.  Developing and maintaining the Boone County Community Emergency Response Team ( CERT ) program.  Tornado shelter surveys for schools and businesses.  Enforcement of Open Burning laws and ordinances.  Oversight for Boone County Water Rescue.

Who do I contact about utilities?

  • Telephone service – Cincinnati Bell (513) 565-2210 or TWC at (888) 735-0300
  • Water Service – Boone County Water District at (859) 586-6155
  • Sewer Service – Sanitation District #1 at (859) 578-7450
  • Electrical Service – Duke Power at (513) 421-9500 or 1-800-544-6155
  • Cable Television – Time Warner Cable at (888) 735-0300

What is the Union Town Plan?

All documentation of the Award-Winning Union Town Plan can be found on the City’s website by clicking on the “Union Town Plan” link under “Commission”.

Where is City Hall?

The Union City Building is located at 1843 Mt. Zion Road. The City Building is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Federal and State Holidays.

How do I report infrastructure problems?

All public works issues can be addressed by calling the City’s offices at 859-384-1511.

Tell me more about property taxes

If your property is inside the City limits, it receives services from the City, the most visible of which are Trash Collection, City Street and Road repair, Street Lighting, and Snow Removal. However, the property will also receive services from Boone County, such as operation of County Parks, County Road repair, and the like.

How do I pay my taxes?

  • A locked Drop Box is located at the Union City Building for convenience and after hour deposits


  • You can mail your city property tax payment or pay in person at:

The Warren S. Moore Union City Building
1843 Mt. Zion Road
Union, KY  41091


  • Our regular business hours  are Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.
  • Closed Federal & State Holidays – includes the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve day.

 City Taxes can also be paid online by following the link located on the Tax Information Page.  A fee may be applied for the use of a credit card.

Why do I have to pay a late fee if I never received a property tax bill?

State Statutes place the burden to pay property taxes on the property owner on or before the due date regardless of whether they receive a bill or not. If you own property in the City, and do not receive a bill by October 1 each year, please contact the City Treasurer at (859) 384-1511 and we will send you a copy.

Can I make out a single check for both my City and County Property Taxes?

No, they must be paid separately. The City bill payment is mailed to the City Treasurer, City of Union, 1843 Mt. Zion Road, Union, KY 41091-0053 (or paid in person at the City Building). The County bill payment is mailed to the Boone County Sheriff at the address shown on the bill.

How is my property valued?

Questions and/or disputes on the assessed value of your property should be addressed to the Property Valuation Administrator at the Boone County office of the PVA: (859) 334-2181.

Is there a property tax discount?

We offer a 2% discount if paid by October 31st.

Why did I receive a tax bill for a property I no longer own?

Please send the bill to the new owner if you know them, or contact the City Treasurer’s office at (859) 384-1511 and give us as much information as you can regarding the new owner. The City tries to keep up with property transactions throughout the year in order to mail the bill to the new owner. However, transactions that occur after our cut off date are not recorded until the following year.

Am I being billed in error?

In order for a mortgage company to pay your taxes, they must request bills or tax information each year. The property owner will also receive a copy of the City bill. This way, the city provides property owners with a record for their income taxes, and documentation that they can use to query their mortgage.

What is the "Homestead" exemption on property taxes?

The homestead exemption is a reduction in the assessed valuation of your property for persons either over 65 years of age or who are classified as permanently disabled.

The maximum homestead exemption on real estate owned by qualified persons has been set at $36,000 for the 2013 tax year.  The amount of the homestead exemption is adjusted every two years in accordance with KRS 132.810 to compensate for changes in the purchasing power of the dollar.

Property owners who do not qualify for the exemption will absorb this amount through the compensating property tax rate process. To qualify for the homestead exemption, a person must be at least 65 years old during the tax period or have been classified as totally disabled by any public or private retirement system. The property must also be owned, occupied and maintained by the taxpayer as a personal residence on the January 1 assessment date. Disabled persons less than 65 years of age must make an application on an annual basis.

More info:

Who do I contact to find out about garbage and recycling pick up?

Trash collection and recycling is provided to residents by the city through our contractor, Rumpke of Kentucky. Collection is on Thursday morning of each week, and receptacles should be put at the street curbside on Wednesday night.  Pickup times are after 7 a.m.  If your trash is being picked up earlier than that time, contact the City at 859-384-1511.

Where can I take my Recycling?

All residents of the City of Union receive curbside recycling through their city trash services.  Residents can request a FREE recycling container through Rumpke.  Non-city residents receive recycling through Boone County Solid Waste.

At this time, no recycling drop off points are in Union.  The closest recycling center is at the Walton Fire Protection District.

Why wasn't my garbage picked up?

Call the City’s offices at 859-384-1511.

What do I do about large trash items or when I have much more garbage than normal?

Rumpke’s service includes collection of six, 32-gallon cans or bags per pick-up (may vary by service region). Cans and bags should not exceed 50 pounds. Please do not place trash at the curb in boxes. All boxes should be broken down and bundled. Rumpke is not responsible for damaged or missing plastic cans or lids.

• Please contact Rumpke at least 48 hours before your regularly scheduled collection to request a large item pick-up for acceptable large items, and/or excessive amounts of trash. Television sets cannot exceed 32 inches for curbside pick-up. Any mattress or upholstered furniture must be completely sealed in disposable plastic for removal. Additional fees may apply.

• Freon containing appliances require special handling procedures prior to pick-up. Please complete a refrigerant recovery statement and contact Rumpke for more details.

• According to Federal law, Rumpke is not permitted to accept batteries, tires, liquids, combustible materials or any items identified as hazardous.

• Bulky materials including drywall, concrete, bricks, dirt or rocks are not acceptable.

• Drums, barrels, yard and household containers are not acceptable trash containers and will be assumed trash if placed at the curb.

• Rumpke is not responsible for damage beyond the curb line.

For questions regarding item pick up, oversize items or accepted items, residents should call Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171 for questions and to arrange service. Any additional service provided by Rumpke beyond normal trash service is at homeowner expense.

How do I report a street light that is burned out or damaged?

You can report damaged or inoperative street lights directly to Duke Energy by clicking HERE.

Where do I register to vote?

Voter registration is handled in Kentucky by each County Clerk’s office. In Boone County, full information on registering to vote can be found at the Boone County Clerk’s website.

What is the Union Town Plan?

All Documentation of the Award-Winning Union Town Plan can be found at